Match Results

Sun, September 23, 2007

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs +]3D[+
bg_shipload bgl
[ G.o.W ] over +]3D[+ (8665 - 6330)
Title Shot:
*TEHO* vs G.R.I.
bg_shipload bgl
*TEHO* over G.R.I. (6165 - 4405)
GoD vs [S.S.]
bg_shipload bgl
[S.S.] over GoD (6050 - 5680)
x6 vs r@
bg_shipload bgl
x6 over r@ (7170 - 4470)

[ G.o.W ] over +]3D[+
3000 - 2385 2690-2075
1930-1045 1300-825


P.S LOL, I erased my message by accident, and I ain't gonna write it again xD

*TEHO* over G.R.I.
ok we played on multiplay2 server and i hope we wont play again, everybody had almost 100ping some had alot bigger ping jumped from 70-150. server was fucked up well atleast we know we will play our war nextime in american server :D where you can hit!.

ok british round was harder than american round, dont know why but melee was easier on american side well what ever.
gri did fight good on both rounds they had fullcaps like we did, but we did have more than them, both clans played without tactic if i can say so well it was normal war, we were better this time.

gg gri. gl to nextwar.

[S.S.] over GoD
Both clans played very well.God ended up taking the first round but not by enough. We came back strong in the second round taking the match. Overall fun war.


x6 over r@
x6 last match and now we're all ready to move on to bigger and better things.
You'll soon find out what :)
First round was quite fun, we played 4on4 as we finally managed to get a hold of Reveng0r who could fill the 4:th spot.
Well, we played 3on4 now and then since Retart kept having power cuts in the middle of first round.
Second round was okey, we knew Rev had to leave pretty hastily, but some R@-guy had an emergency of some kind and left too.
Overall it was quite fun, a few jumpkills here and there always lightens the mood.
Oh, did I mention our awesome 3-man-tower in the 2:nd round?
Me, Retart and Snow made a beautiful tower... which R@ ofc had to ruin :(
Ah, well, gg and bye to all x6-fans!

- Dallan

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