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Sun, January 13, 2008

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs *TEHO*
bg_shipload bgl
Be Blue ! over *TEHO* (3700 - 2880)
Title Shot:
+]3D[+ vs G.R.I.
bg_shipload bgl
+]3D[+ over G.R.I. (5625 - 3695)
[ G.o.W ] vs [S.S.]
bg_shipload bgl
[S.S.] over [ G.o.W ] (8045 - 4420)
r@ vs [ -D$L- ]
bg_shipload bgl
r@ over [ -D$L- ] (FORFEIT)

Be Blue ! over *TEHO*
Well, since our own server has gone down permanently and there were no other server available we had to play on a dedicated server that Dark Pulu hosted which created quite a few lagspikes and such (even for Pulu!).
The war itself went quite well except for the lagspikes (obviously) and we ran around, pwning it up a bit as usual.
Good game and hope that the next time we meet it'll be on a better server :)
Also, good look on your next war, TEHO!

- Dallan the DillyDally Ghost

"There were no other servers available" isn't really a reason to use a DSL-server. I know the situation isn't good atm but if you don't atleast dare to ask me first before the match, the matches will become double-forfeit from now on.

- Hachiman

+]3D[+ over G.R.I.
Good war!!!

[S.S.] over [ G.o.W ]
for round 1 GOW had 3 guys to our 4, and 2nd we had 4 for the first 5 minutes then we lost a guy and it was a good game after that.

r@ over [ -D$L- ]
[ -D$L- ] didn't show up for the match. They are removed from the league for forfeiting 2 times in a row.

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