Match Results

Sun, January 20, 2008

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs +]3D[+
bg_shipload bgl
Be Blue ! over +]3D[+ (5410 - 5150)
Title Shot:
r@ vs [S.S.]
bg_shipload bgl
[S.S.] over r@ (5985 - 5700)
G.R.I. vs |SoD|
bg_shipload bgl
|SoD| over G.R.I. (4360 - 3455)

Be Blue ! over +]3D[+
I'd like to welcome Helcaraxe, the leader of Be Blue, back into the competitive world of BG!
As for the war... I don't think I've ever seen this amount of pointblanking and camping... EVER.
OK, so this map is ideal for pointblanking and camping, but when overused like in this war it just gets boring and annoying.
Otherwise the war went fine, we barely won first round and the only reason why we won second round is because bear bear came down upon 3D like a fat lady on cookies - he just DEVOURED them!
Hopefully the next war will be on a more open map where 3D won't feel forced to resort to 5-year olds methods of gaming.

Signing off (yet again),
- Dallan the DillyDally Ghost

[S.S.] over r@

|SoD| over G.R.I.

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