Match Results

Sun, February 3, 2008

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs [ G.o.W ]
Be Blue ! over [ G.o.W ] (3880 - 3500)
Title Shot:
+]3D[+ vs G.R.I.
G.R.I. over +]3D[+ (4630 - 2730)
[S.S.] vs |SoD|
[S.S.] over |SoD| (3590 - 3500)

Be Blue ! over [ G.o.W ]
First round (British)
Bit of a rocky start until we got our groove on, managed to get a fullcap along with some points we got for fighting among the fort and the field.
We mainly fought in the passage near the lumberjack during the entire round, couldn't push through - so we won this round by 390 points if I'm not mistaken.
Second round (American)
This round we had only one goal: to hold G.o.W at the passage that they stopped us at.
G.o.W broke out of our barricade a couple of times, but we managed to get it back eventually and then proceeded to hold for the rest of the round.
This round gave them 10 points, which obviously was not enough.

GG and GL&HF for your next war!

- Dallan ze DillyDally GhoZT

G.R.I. over +]3D[+

[S.S.] over |SoD|
GG |SoD|
We lost the first round by 20. But then we managed to win the second round by 110, even though noone got a full cap.

Good Game SoD.

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Blue Brigade

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