Match Results

Sun, October 12, 2008

North American Division
Title Match:
•€ŚM™ vs ra.
•€ŚM™ over ra. (7970 - 2790)
Title Shot:
[MP] vs ||W&P||
[MP] over ||W&P|| (5320 - 4080)
[S.S.] vs +]3D[+
+]3D[+ over [S.S.] (5970 - 2720)

•€ŚM™ over ra.
Great Match. Lots of fun, everyone did well but damn we dominated LOL. Thanx to all ra members. Biga, Smoke, Phoenix, Corny and Henry! FTW!

Love King Henry.

[MP] over ||W&P||
very good game on RM part lil tuff 2end round but all in all good game both sides

+]3D[+ over [S.S.]
Good game SS and welcome back cookie.
it was a fun match with a 6v6 both rounds.

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs {22nd}
Be Blue ! over {22nd} (4850 - 3960)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs LG|.
LG|. over [ G.o.W ] (6715 - 5930)
La.Familia ' vs =MN=
La.Familia ' over =MN= (8230 - 4755)
*TEHO* vs -[TRR]-
-[TRR]- over *TEHO* (8660 - 3635)

Be Blue ! over {22nd}
Ok, let me begin by saying I loaded a 120min mp3 in anticipation for a war that would last no longer than 50 minutes. How wrong was I?
Despite the score, this was a very EASY war.

The war began very pleasantly - Bavvo even said 'This is going to be lots of fun', I didn't really think at the time how foreboding this statement was.

We agreed to let them have their specs (who probably wished they had done something better with their time) whilst we patiently awaited the match to begin. Out of no where 'LIVE IN 10!!'...Ok, bit abrupt, but maybe they have things to do, like me. So it's all going fine till about 10 minutes in...'Wtf!! We forgot to set the time!!' Ah well, they're new and we are easy going, we can cut them some slack. 20 minutes later, they still cannot work out how to use their server - ah well, their new AND cannot do simple math, we can cut them some more slack. Manners.

Time for the second round to begin (we decided that it would be easier to start rather then have them further bemused). I wanted to play on the Be Blue server, but another 'LIVE IN 10!'...who am I to argue?
Thanks to one of them who went to spec when Blacky crashed, after some prompting and Hogan stating 'It's not our fault'.

Easiest to kill in order of easiest to more difficult:

The war finally ended on Gangsta Gangsta by N.W.A.

Better luck next time, you will need it - Retart (11k damage in second round!)

LG|. over [ G.o.W ]
Brilliant game, finally had our first team out there showing our dominance, and soiling the EU predictions, Well done all.

And welcome back first teamers!!


La.Familia ' over =MN=
nice match !
thanks to gow for the server !

-[TRR]- over *TEHO*
Some minor misunderstandings, otherwise GG.

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