Match Results

Sun, October 26, 2008

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs La.Familia '
La.Familia ' over Be Blue ! (2791 - 2357)
Title Shot:
LG|. vs {22nd}
LG|. over {22nd} (3380 - 2680)
-=[TDR]=- vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over -=[TDR]=- (2650 - 1210)
-[TRR]- vs =MN=
=MN= over -[TRR]- (FORFEIT)

La.Familia ' over Be Blue !
really good war

LG|. over {22nd}
Very good game, very casual and relaxed.

*TEHO* over -=[TDR]=-
JESUS what a war we didnt know there was patch that can fix that CRASHING it was so bad everytime somebody dropping from the server.

i hope this was the last war that we play by dropping all the time. bugged bug bug 1.2b.

what ever.

nothing to say about the war it was DROPPING DROPDROP DROOOOPPP, but we won nothing else to say.

gg tdr next time i hope we wont drop all the time pfffffffffff. jesus.

gl for next war tdr.

=MN= over -[TRR]-
Well sad thing, but the new BG2 version made alot of the servers "laggy".
I had been trying to borrow a server Without any kind of luck! Since TRR had not upgraded to the new version...
and we have not got our server yet. So we were forced to re-schedule the match to the day after.
The time ticked to the match and i typed to Jupa, but Unfortunately they didnt had enough players, Jupa told me that they had to forfeited.

TRR we should have that match in another occasion, and in another time!

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Blue Brigade

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