Match Results

Sun, November 2, 2008

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs LG|.
La.Familia ' over LG|. (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
[ G.o.W ] vs *TEHO*
[ G.o.W ] over *TEHO* (3625 - 2460)
Be Blue ! vs {22nd}
Be Blue ! over {22nd} (2347 - 732)
=MN= vs -=[TDR]=-
=MN= over -=[TDR]=- (FORFEIT)

La.Familia ' over LG|.
we played like 10 minutes than LG left the server

[ G.o.W ] over *TEHO*
We've had some good fights with teho before and this wasn't expection. To start it off, we couldn't possible have thought the beginning...

After the restartround, 3 of our players crashed and TEHO managed to get a fullcap immeaditely. It was quite a shock start indeed, but we recovered from it and won the first round by 100 points. I'd also like mention that Ztormi crashed about 10 times, before he decided that it's pointless and we continued playing 5on5.

2nd round was more like in the previous matches against TEHO. We dominated almost the whole round, if ignoring a single fullcap by teho. Anyway I have to say that tehos have improved quite much and maybe in next match it'll be even more tighter...

GG TEHO always nice to play against ya!

Be Blue ! over {22nd}
Well that pinebarrens map did make some ppl crasch alot, it happened much more to 22nd so we decided to play 2nd round in bg_road and skip the unfair score from 1st round completely. I guess all the probs from 1st round made them loose focus alot in 2nd also coz they didnt play like themselves, i know 22nd is way better and i hope our next war will be without any probs :) GG / Bavvo

=MN= over -=[TDR]=-
So once again we won with a forfeit, TDR were the only clan we had a chance to win against! even though we lost last time :D
Well to the story, Sunday evening and we were waiting for Smithy, but unfortunately they first showed up too late.

But i prefer the match instead of a forfeit, even if its the only way we are winning ^^

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