Match Results

Sun, November 16, 2008

North American Division
Title Match:
[MP] vs [S.S.]
[MP] over [S.S.] (5222 - 3620)
Title Shot:
•€ŚM™ vs +]3D[+
+]3D[+ over •€ŚM™ (4272 - 3816)
||W&P|| vs [NGR]
||W&P|| over [NGR] (5004 - 2864)

[MP] over [S.S.]
VGG!! ss came to play 1st round was very close both teams had a couple caps 2nd round mp dominated for the most part but ss answered once or twice. this one part in the 2nd round was epic we just came off a fullcap went out and shot all of them 1st shot and got another full cap was amazing.

one of the best matchs ive played GG ss

+]3D[+ over •€ŚM™
good game all around.
first round looked like a clear win but the second made it a close match

||W&P|| over [NGR]
First lets all welcome NGR. The match was a well fought match, Thanx to all

European Division
Title Match:
[ G.o.W ] vs Be Blue !
[ G.o.W ] over Be Blue ! (3264 - 2044)
Title Shot:
-[TRR]- vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over -[TRR]- (4466 - 1312)
La.Familia ' vs {22nd}
La.Familia ' over {22nd} (2944 - 2728)

[ G.o.W ] over Be Blue !
This time we had quite a lot of crashing problems in the beginning of the rounds. We had to start both rounds again, 'cause both times two guys crashed(first from us and second time from be blues).

1st round:

The round was very even. Both teams were able to fullcap once, but be blues managed to win the first round by 200 points. I'd say 'cause the map is favoured by brits.

2nd round:

Match would've been very even, but be blues changed a few of their key players(bavvo and retart left) for 2nd round and we were able to get a lot of fullcaps.

GG, I hope we can still play against ya in bgl!

*TEHO* over -[TRR]-
ok it took sometime trr to get players on the server but then we managed to start the war, at the start trr guys crashed 1 of our guy did go spec but nobody said there was more who crashed so we got fullcap at the start of the round, 1st round was crashing from trr guys and we keeped one guy in spec always when somebody crashed from trr, we won first round about 1000points.

second round no crashing at all but some of the trr guys didnt play anymore seriously and this round was full domination.

gg trr and gl for next war

titlematch here we come


La.Familia ' over {22nd}
brilliant match , 22nd is tough !
really close till the last second !

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