Match Results

Sun, January 18, 2009

North American Division
Title Match:
||W&P|| vs [MP]
[MP] over ||W&P|| (7855 - 4070)
Title Shot:
•€ŚM™ vs ra.
ra. over •€ŚM™ (6735 - 3930)
[o$g] vs [S.S.]
[S.S.] over [o$g] (5025 - 4775)
+]3D[+ vs (PL)
+]3D[+ over (PL) (6105 - 4315)

[MP] over ||W&P||
Kind of a dry map but it was fun none the less. Pretty close match. Seems WP is getting alot better. Look forward to playing you guys again. MP FTW

ra. over •€ŚM™

[S.S.] over [o$g]
I would just like to say how refreshing it was to play osg today, We had a great match, both teams did very well it was close the whole match.We took British in first round and no matter what we did we could not get a full cap vato loco kept us on our toes as commander, complimenting there ability to get the only full cap of Round 1. Round 2 started of the same way very close for first five minutes but then we were able to pull it togeather and grab a few full caps making up our first round defict and secureing victory. very good game to all who played

BiG BirD

+]3D[+ over (PL)
It was a great game as always.We even had a little line battle at the end.Thanks to Semorph,Sheetz,Sgt.Taggant,Gen Dan Se ya next time SS

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs Be Blue !
La.Familia ' over Be Blue ! (3223 - 2928)
Title Shot:
-[TRR]- vs [MP]
[MP] over -[TRR]- (3158 - 2109)
=MN= vs LG|.
LG|. over =MN= (3411 - 1610)

La.Familia ' over Be Blue !
another eagerly awaited endgame vs our most respected rivals: Be Blue!

unfortunately dehu and others didnt show up, so prof and benji had to play with their backup mouses since they both fckd up their regular ones last week. :P
we got used to it pretty fast though, so no excuse for our bad performance in the 2nd half

BB showed some mad skillz while we seemed a little rusty, but after the admiral let out some rumble in the jungle we put ourselves together and sailed the ship home. :)

gg BB

[MP] over -[TRR]-
Great game. TRR is a hell of a team. Second match was very close and kept us right on the edge of our seats.... And yes Jupa it was good for us too. Call me.

LG|. over =MN=
First game of our return, I wasn't to happy with my team at first, my team played the first round far to laid back getting cocky on their own, but we still got a decent amount of full caps.

Second round everyone stepped their game up managing to get full cap after full cap for 51st.

=MN= have greatly improved upon our last match, week after week their points loss distance shrinks. You'll get there guys keep it up!

Well done.

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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