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Sun, March 1, 2009

North American Division
Title Match:
[MP] vs La.Familia
[MP] over La.Familia (5644 - 3026)
Title Shot:
B8=D vs +]3D[+
B8=D over +]3D[+ (4622 - 3356)
๖ۣۜDynasty vs [S.S.]
๖ۣۜDynasty over [S.S.] (4770 - 3902)
[o$g] vs 51st*USA
51st*USA over [o$g] (7004 - 2192)
||W&P|| vs ๖B.o.B๖
||W&P|| over ๖B.o.B๖ (FORFEIT)
(PL) vs |AP|
|AP| over (PL) (4874 - 4088)

[MP] over La.Familia
Good Game.

Weekly fun fact about snakes: Snakes like jelly.

B8=D over +]3D[+
As the sun rose over the shimmering lake the opposing armies prepared for battle. It was
barely morning when the two powers met. Richard Richard Richard was scared. It was only
his second battle and needed encouragement from the vets. Instead, he could only hear
anti-semetic remarks and some type of devilish music. The music filled the air. He could
not escape it.

"What is that sound?" Richard x3 asked.
"The Gods are assembling to watch the battle" Duncan replied.
"The Gods?"

"Yes. You see over a millennium ago the Gods met at Mount Doom to forge a powerful weapon.

A weapon that the evil invaders of the 3rd division planned to utilize. The weapon's
nature is evil as it was forged by evil hands."

"How can we expect to win?"

Richard Richard Richard was clearly disheartened.

"We do not expect to win. We have just assembled here willing to give our lives against
this great evil. Though our power is clearly outmatched, we must stand for good. We must
not stand by as this evil perpetuates."

This was of no help to Richard Richard Richard's wavering moral. He did not want to die.
He was young. He wanted to get married. To raise children. To live a normal life. He
then realized that his thoughts were selfish. If the 3rd Division was not stopped then and

there, freedom would become an idea lost to tyranny. He searched deep within himself and
knew that dying there, on that day, would bring honor far greater than anything he could
hope to accomplish. He stood tall as the 3rd Division approached.


It took everything in Richard Richard Richard to keep him from running. The 3rd Division
approach, with the help of their new-found pagan relic, cut the Bateriot's numbers in half.

Richard Richard Richard smelt something horrible in the air. Charred flesh? No, it was
distinct. He had smelled it before. He looked over at his best friend CHOPS to find that
he had pissed himself.

"I don't want to fight. I can't fight" CHOPS said with tears in his eyes.
"We must fight! We cannot give in!"

It was no use. CHOPS was petrified. He couldn't move so Richard Richard Richard did the
only thing that made sense to him. He thrust his bayonet into his heart. The first stab
didn't pierce CHOPS' breast plate. It was a horrifying scene. Richard Richard Richard
drew back and delivered the final blow to his best friend who, before then, was screaming
in agony. Richard Richard Richard wiped one tear from his eye and picked up CHOPS' gun.
Now duel wielding muskets, Richard Richard Richard got to evening the odds.

The fight raged on for hours. The Bateriots fought valiantly. Duncan, the veteran in the
group, was most skilled with the bayonet. Unfortunately, Duncan was also old and tied to
tradition. In order to purge the evil, Duncan felt he had to remove the heart of every one

of his victims. Only this, he said, would insure an end to this madness. Emokid and Truks

seshed at the rate of thirty 3rd Division soldiers per minute. Still though, it was not
enough. The Bateriots simply could not overcome the immense power of the Mount Dooms Day
weapon. Then, quite suddenly, light flickered from afar.

It was a group of riders led by the infamous Bateriot cube-n. By himself, cube-n
slaughtered the majority of the 3rd Division forces. Strengthened both physically and
morally, the Bateriots pressed forward. The odds were even but the weapon and its evil
aura remained. In a sudden burst of Bateriotism Richard Richard Richard, led by cube-n and

Duncan, stormed the enemy fortification. In a mad flurry the bateriots massacred their
enemy. Within an instant the 3rd Division found themselves outnumbered and outgunned. The

Bateriots were willing to accept surrender but the weapon had corrupted the entirety of the

3rd Division forces.

To purge the land of evil the Bateriots were left with no choice but to assault the enemy
capitol and kill every last man, woman, and child who resided there. Cries could be heard

from throughout the land. Blood covered every last inch of the 3rd Division town. Let

this be a lesson to all those who stand against light in the name of power.

๖ۣۜDynasty over [S.S.]
dCrazy first round with out a doubt. S.S Man, you guys did some massive cleaning that round, we where able to hold the score pretty tight and close. Very good job, as always a good match with you guys. We got lucky our guys where able to pull it together and catch you guys a bit off guard.

Very nice match, look forward to it again Big

51st*USA over [o$g]
Very fun match ! My guys had fun playing in it .. Good game O$G. - Silvio

||W&P|| over ๖B.o.B๖
No show for bob

|AP| over (PL)
PL took forever to get this match going it was pissing everyone off . Just because you have till 9:15 doesn't mean you need to wait that long to get it going . We didn't start the match until 9:30. Also they had 17 people playing when we entered server yet they could not field 5 . I would suggest PL get there shit together before there next match because that was ridiculous . As far as the match goes we win and you fucking lose that is all i care about .

P.S. Have a Nice Fucking Day

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs LG|.
Be Blue ! over LG|. (2608 - 1748)
Title Shot:
La.Familia ' vs |CF|
La.Familia ' over |CF| (FORFEIT)
|DNA| vs *TEHO*
|DNA| over *TEHO* (2793 - 2061)
[MP] vs {22nd}
[MP] over {22nd} (3026 - 2618)

Be Blue ! over LG|.
+forward +walk

you nearly had it ^^ gg


La.Familia ' over |CF|
after first round one guy of CF left and they didnt want to go on.

first round score :

LAF 2492
CF 770

|DNA| over *TEHO*
GG, I'm too tired to write anything.

[MP] over {22nd}
22nd stormed the first round, but MP rallied on the second and was able to pull a 400 point lead. Very close game! Thanks 22nd for a relaxed atmosphere and exciting match!

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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