Match Results

Sun, March 15, 2009

North American Division
Title Match:
๖ۣۜDynasty vs [MP]
๖ۣۜDynasty over [MP] (6160 - 3760)
Title Shot:
||W&P|| vs La.Familia
La.Familia over ||W&P|| (4240 - 2740)
[S.S.] vs ๖B.o.B๖
[S.S.] over ๖B.o.B๖ (4920 - 2530)
B8=D vs 51st*USA
51st*USA over B8=D (FORFEIT)
(PL) vs +]3D[+
(PL) over +]3D[+ (4140 - 3830)
[o$g] vs |AP|
[o$g] over |AP| (FORFEIT)

๖ۣۜDynasty over [MP]
"I will blow the mighty bg2 horns as demon thinks there is nobody that can touch them but like the days of Caesar the greats will fall!"

First round for about 10 minutes it was neck and neck. They where pushing extremely hard, but my guys had stepped up to the plate and hit a few home runs. They had some nice tactics, but we where able to over come them on the Brit side.

The second round, my guys got very pumped up and blasted threw. MP "AKA Rage Quit", of course still put up a great fight there was no doubt about that.

As we stood with our guns ready with out knowing what kind of beast we shall fight, we shall fight. We stood tall and strong and el mico would not shut the hell up with Spanish. Really? Who the hell wants to listen to Spanish that they don't under stand. Then telling him we don't understand this crap here comes the "shesh's" and " I I I I I". I wish you would had eat a taco that 2nd round so then you have something in your mouth to shut up. I am going to go and learn El Spanish just to tell you to shut the hell up.

To my guys, very proud of you, we where hungry for that title, and you guys did great. I look forward to keeping it with you guys. That is enless team 2 can steal it from us ;d

La.Familia over ||W&P||
pretty good match !
close first half, second half very clear to us

[S.S.] over ๖B.o.B๖
Good Match despite there leader blueberry being a no show and not enough guys , Plexi tried his best to overcome but the new improved SS dominated the match!!!

hope your ready for us next time!!!


51st*USA over B8=D
Was a fun match to start off with. Forfeit halfway through was unexpected. Either way it was a fun match.

(PL) over +]3D[+
Great match, good one for PL fun game all and all. Cant wait to see you guys on the battle field again some time soon.


[o$g] over |AP|
Ap no Show

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs |DNA|
La.Familia ' over |DNA| (4040 - 1550)
Title Shot:
LG|. vs {22nd}
LG|. over {22nd} (2420 - 2250)
Be Blue ! vs [MP]
Be Blue ! over [MP] (FORFEIT)
|CF| vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over |CF| (5290 - 1510)

La.Familia ' over |DNA|
kassage !

LG|. over {22nd}
I must say, all qualms with {22nd} have now ended. Great match {22nd} well fought.

1st Round:
During the opening stages of the match we kept the pressure on 22nd, and kept them more towards their own spawn. We had a potential 3 full caps, but unfortunately they were soiled due to El Hombre's last minute jump stab. After a while, our team became too laid back and sloppy thinking it was an 'easy win' including myself. Bayoneting was on form from myself, Sir R3D, and Tiger. Soppan was some what rusty, and I think that showed up.

2nd Round:
After giving the team a stern talking to we changed tactics. We had a few players crashing, leaving the 51st with 2 vs 5 at one point, and 22nd managing to seize a full cap. After we returned, R3D was angry, and unleashed his Wrath upon 22nd pushing them away from the alley. 22nd seemed to have us bottle necked in the town center, and we just weren't getting anywhere with Habhabs commander runs. I yelled for the team to start pushing, and bringing the pressure onto 22nd, they pushed forward and we broke through and just managed to hold on for a full cap which boosted us up.

Brilliant game 22nd, different team harder game.

Be Blue ! over [MP]
MP didn't show up for the war.

*TEHO* over |CF|
gg, finally our losing streak is over.

gl for next war cf.


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