Match Results

Sun, July 26, 2009

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs {22nd}
bg newengland_bgl
La.Familia ' over {22nd} (3740 - 1720)
Title Shot:
Super vs |TLD|
bg newengland_bgl
Super over |TLD| (FORFEIT)
15th Reg vs |51st|
bg newengland_bgl
|51st| over 15th Reg (5260 - 1550)
| GsQ | vs *TEHO*
bg newengland_bgl
| GsQ | over *TEHO* (3820 - 2150)

La.Familia ' over {22nd}

Super over |TLD|
TLD didnt show up
Calimero said that they didnt have enough players

|51st| over 15th Reg
Good game.

| GsQ | over *TEHO*
Can't stop the robot love.
Over the rainbow and beyond.
O my, did I miss it this month?
Kokamonga Kracker Killers.
In the attic Ann Frank?
Elf's are real.
Falling away from me. BEATING ME DOWN DOWN!
All the kings men could not put humpy dumpy back together.
Isn't it nice to see another new face?
Love you on the flip side, long as my pimp isn't looking!
Sucks to fight in Euro lag, but love the fight.

GG Pulu

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Blue Brigade

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