Match Results

Sun, January 10, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
|AP| vs [MP]
|AP| over [MP] (123 - 54)
Title Shot:
(PL) vs [E.M.]
[E.M.] over (PL) (51 - 48)
¡Toxic! vs |HGN|
¡Toxic! over |HGN| (87 - 84)
the. vs {SyN}
the. over {SyN} (132 - 24)
pD! vs »ŠƝƮ«
pD! over »ŠƝƮ« (54 - 45)
>:() vs .td
>:() over .td (54 - 45)

|AP| over [MP]
This is how it went down....

[E.M.] over (PL)
This was the first time a ctf match was played and it was a very exciting and fun match, PL did a great job with Boner going commander and Cookie and Heaven staying back defending, they were able to control the first round and end it two caps up, but in round two EM put it together and was able to make up the point deficit, and with less then a minute on the clock and the match tied the action was intense .EM did a full push towards the flag and PL defended with great nobleness but I was able to squeak thru with Ryan in my face and grab the flag and make a run for it i made it to our hill when i was taken down by a Count Choucula head shot three feet from the cap point ,when Tropical grabbed it off the ground and scoring with only seconds too spare!!! geat match we both hope too see more ctf matches in the future
BiG BIRD Hail!! SS

¡Toxic! over |HGN|

the. over {SyN}
the. Heroic Elite had a great match against our friends at SyN. We played ctf_river, the first "capture the flag" style match for the BGL.

We all had a lot of fun and look forward to playing SyN again-- they're a great group of players!



pD! over »ŠƝƮ«

>:() over .td
Good Game! Thanks to all my teamates for doing a good job sticking to the plan.

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