Match Results

Sun, January 31, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
ˇToxic! vs |AP|
ˇToxic! over |AP| (3274 - 2201)
Title Shot:
(PL) vs [MP]
[MP] over (PL) (5171 - 2798)
»ŠƝƮ« vs .3e
.3e over »ŠƝƮ« (8152 - 1975)
|HGN| vs .td
|HGN| over .td (7257 - 2995)
the. vs [E.M.]
the. over [E.M.] (3821 - 1554)
TF! vs >:()
TF! over >:() (5665 - 2631)

ˇToxic! over |AP|
Love the fact how we are the only ones who had to redo their match not once, not twice, but three time. Three matches, three wins. GG AP always fun.

Love even more how bad this BGL admin is. Please vote a new one in. Maybe one that is not bias.

Just an FYI, map is still bugged. Was still crashes. So yet again we where the only ones redoing their match, this time we used another map. We did the match with no CFG, still crashing. Must be that tree um?

[MP] over (PL)
gg it was very fun playin cookie's team we both agreed on allowing each team to a ringer ty cookie for that but all in all very good game cant wait till the next PL vs MP match GG

.3e over »ŠƝƮ«
The game started off with 3e taking a couple full caps early on. In the second half, 3e brought in General Wade Hampton to help solidify a 3e win. I want to thank Taco Bill for putting up with our server issues; I hope to see the guys from SNT again.

|HGN| over .td
Good game tonight. Had a lot of fun with the team TD
Had a few players that had game crashes on both teams but still good fun.

the. over [E.M.]
Another great match against our Friends at SS [EM]. The bgl config was giving them problems, so we allowed a restart and chose a different map (bg_road). The map is action packed and provided a lot of fun for our whole team.

Once again Big Bird proved why he has the classiest group in BG2 today.

Aces: SS Keitherson, the.Circa, and the.TIEdup14



TF! over >:()

GG guys. Holla @ SirG and Chronic.

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Blue Brigade

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