Match Results

Sun, February 14, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
[MP] vs ˇToxic!
ˇToxic! over [MP] (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
.3e vs |HGN|
|HGN| over .3e (3754 - 1882)
(PL) vs TF!
(PL) over TF! (2394 - 2330)
[E.M.] vs »ŠƝƮ«
[E.M.] over »ŠƝƮ« (FORFEIT)
|AP| vs .td
|AP| over .td (8378 - 538)
the. vs >:()
the. over >:() (4754 - 1438)

ˇToxic! over [MP]
Klifsnider is pro.

And Pro is stealing internet from a local motel 8 down the road.

Btw, MP no show. Sad to see them leave the league =/

|HGN| over .3e
Great game tonight with 3e !!
My HGN guys brought their "A" game. Had a lot of fun
playing with all the guys from 3e.


(PL) over TF!
Most likely the closest game I have ever participated in, it was defiantly exciting due to that fact. Great bunch of guys over at TF! silly and awesome humor about being robots,while still acting in a very civil and gentlemanly manner. Overall excellent fun and great game.

Thanks Ryan, Boner, Heaven and Puppies i

[E.M.] over »ŠƝƮ«
This should be read by all!!!
Tonight's match was a pain in the ass from the get go! First i spent all day trying to make sure who was available to play,by 8:00 (1 hour before match) i had 1 confirmed player.At that time taco bill stated in a pm that he was also concerned his players wont be there on time calling them fashionably late.I told him no problem as i was having a few issues myself with rounding up a roster as well. But not to worry as my guys like to make me sweat til the last minute which they did. Meanwhile we talked about the copyrite issue which is that he was now using the name color and playing for snt I was able to provide his ip addresse and his new steam id to the bgl admins prior to the match proving it was him so taco new copyrite aka color aka butt pirate could not play .taco confirmed this with death but at match time copy showed up anyway to cause more delays in the match.Well he was removed from the server (perma banned) and we allowed taco the use of ringers to get the match going ,we even offed one of our guys .as the match finally started they had a few players who where having issues with there pc and disconnected in the confusion of trying to keep the match alive and fair they had another player join,the player who joined was again copyrite this time using his butt pirate account , now after a few minutes i look at my hlsw screen and see the new guy is copy again with a new name .At this point i put on all talk and ended the match calling for there forfeit which they did immediately knowing they where wrong. It was a pain in my ass to try hard to get my team together every week but to have to deal with this after the days stress was a little to much .All i want is to be able to play a match on time where everyone wants to be there because there having fun playing a game .is that so much to ask

|AP| over .td

Welcome back Davetherave, divabebopinyou, hamburglar the, and bryisazombie...

the. over >:()
the. Heroic Elite faced off against our friends at SS gameface. The wide open areas of bg_snowlake provided a great venue for their marksmen to cause us a lot of trouble! A lot of us were killed before getting into melee range which proved quite frustrating.

As always we had a great time playing against this team-- gameface is a class act through and through.


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