Match Results

Sun, February 28, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
¡Toxic! vs (PL)
¡Toxic! over (PL) (4936 - 1470)
Title Shot:
TF! vs |AP|
|AP| over TF! (8050 - 600)
.3e vs [E.M.]
.3e over [E.M.] (3326 - 1944)
{SyN} vs >:()
{SyN} over >:() (3522 - 2089)
the. vs .td
the. over .td (5546 - 1779)

¡Toxic! over (PL)
Like always good fun bud.

|AP| over TF!

.3e over [E.M.]
The first half was a tug of war, with each team gaining the lead and losing it and with no team scoring a full cap. At the very last second 3e was able to grab the lead out of EM's hands by 6 points.

In the second half, 3e went on the offense and grabbed a couple full caps early on. Bman, WeakingWiller and Valentine were bringing the heat, but cuad kept 3e on top with an ace.

Overall it was a great matchup, thanks to BigBird and his team for coming out.

{SyN} over >:()
Very GG guys, We are happy to come back.

the. over .td
For the first time ever the. Heroic Elite squared off against the toughest BGL opponent there is... itself!

the. reg team faced the. Team Deux in BGL competition tonight on bg_road. Neither side held anything back, with Team Deux trying their hardest to earn their first victory and upstage their "older brother" team. :D

In the end, the. reg team prevailed but not without having to fight tooth and nail for the win. Team Deux put up a great fight and we're all excited to see how they fare in competition next week!

Aces: the. Sheetz and the. TIEdup14


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