Match Results

Sun, March 7, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
|AP| vs íToxic!
|AP| over íToxic! (5585 - 5545)
Title Shot:
.3e vs the.
the. over .3e (5635 - 4615)
[E.M.] vs |HGN|
|HGN| over [E.M.] (6650 - 3495)
.td vs TF!
.td over TF! (5350 - 4595)
{SyN} vs (PL)
(PL) over {SyN} (5945 - 4440)

|AP| over íToxic!
Ooo whatcha say?

Pizza Punches-
Where someone shows up at you door. Says someone ordered you a pizza. Then push the pizza in their face and punch them as hard as you can.

Vegas Baby-
"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"



Is it not funny to anyone else that guys who make millions of dollars are still allowed to play major league baseball, but a few cpu geeks cant play a free mod?


These rules should be added.

A person under the influence of alcohol CANNOT play in Intramural Sports activities.

A person altered by any drug CANNOT participate in Intramural Sports activities.

Fans and spectators must have a permit to have alcoholic beverages on the Intramural Fields/areas/courts which they must show to the staff on site.

The Intramural Sports staff (Officials, Supervisors, Assistant, or Director) have the right to keep anyone from play or take anyone out of play who is harmful to other participants due to alcohol/drugs, abusive behavior, unnecessary roughness, bleeding, harmful equipment, and any other situations deemed harmful.

Anyone failing to comply with the Intramural Sports Staff and/or the policies will have to explain themselves to the Campus Police.

Being ejected from the field/court results in suspension from future participation and possible judicial intervention. The length of suspension is contingent on the severity of the incident(s).



the. over .3e
Since the day of its inception, a friendly rivalry has existed between the. 3rd elite and the. reg team. Tonight was the first time both teams faced off against each other in our most challenging BGL match to date!

In a take-no-prisoners slugfest, 3e and the. squared off for the right to play in the BGL championship. The action was unrelenting from the start, with the first half devolving into a sick tug of war for control of the center flag. The difference in score at the round's end was only 200 points!

Round 2 picked up right where we left off, with both teams giving it everything they had. 3e kicked it up a notch and was able to obtain a full cap early in the round. the. reg team tried to regroup but was unable to break through their solid defense.

Eventually fatigue set in and the. reg team was able to push for a few full caps to solidify the win. At no point did 3e put on the brakes, they were playing as hard as they could the whole time and we didnt have a moment to rest!

Once again, great game to the members of 3e and thanks for proving that the best competition we can have is definitely within our own clan!

Aces: the.Sheetz


|HGN| over [E.M.]
Winning teams need to submit scores following matches so I wont have to ask for server logs from teams who have lost. lucky the match was on Big Birds server. So big thanx to big bird.


.td over TF!
Great game you guys! TF! put up a hell of a fight, and thank you guys for playing.

(PL) over {SyN}
First let me thank both teams for a most wonderful game.

Unfortunately they took the first round from us.

Come back was strong as swift round two.

Knickknack skills and elbow grease...

Together PL had a glorious victory.

Irrelevant as it is, everyone should check out the series of convos smoke had with random people on SS forums :D.

Everyone in PL has my deepest gratitude.

Don't stop believing boys...

Understand the WOLFPACK!!!

Personally I believe this is a bad game, but I appreciate the effort of all the dev's keep up the good work gentlemen.

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