Match Results

Sun, March 14, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
the. vs |AP|
|AP| over the. (2870 - 1980)
Title Shot:
(PL) vs |HGN|
(PL) over |HGN| (2450 - 2090)
.td vs {SyN}
{SyN} over .td (3110 - 1370)
[E.M.] vs [lincoln.MinuteMen.]
[E.M.] over [lincoln.MinuteMen.] (2301 - 130)
>:() vs TF!
TF! over >:() (1990 - 1510)
¡Toxic! vs .3e
¡Toxic! over .3e (3590 - 1870)

|AP| over the.
What did you expect from an over-weight bartender and his team full of greifers?

Super Fat Agent!!!

I found this video Monday and deemed it my writeup for this match.

Also I went into my bg2fun folder and found an instant classic.

"""Well, I dont claim to be an expert or anything, but I've pretty much done it all... I've slept with:

- Girls I've had a class with
- Women I've worked with
- That one cute waitress
- Skanks from bars
- Best friend's sister (sorry Jordache! )
- Serious girlfriends
- Ex girlfriends
- Girls you meet at a random place (like starbucks)
- Hookers (from casinos of course)
- Random chicks met online

There's probably some more I'm forgetting. Like I said I'm no expert, and I'm not "good looking" in the traditional sense (tall dark and handsome) but I do play the "cute and mysterious and has money" card, no comment on which one is the biggest factor. Between my advice and others like Danihel we should be able to help some of ya'll out. So let us know what the problem/situation is and we'll make it happen.

Edit: Also I should mention that I have a lifetime 100% no fat/overweight/chubby women record."""

*stupid wizard smiley*

(PL) over |HGN|
Very close fun game, defiantly great people over at HGN and I cannot wait until the next time we meet on the field of battle. We carried both rounds however the first round was very close.

Thank you dearly,
Ryan, Heavens Punisher, Count Chocula, Boner Parade, and with his debut appearance Northern Alliance

- S. Boner Parade. " A man may die, nations may rise and fall, BUT SS LIVES ON!!!" HEIL!

{SyN} over .td
Good game.... General Wade Hampton was being wicked annoying, talking trash. Hopefully .td and tie are embarassed and can make a rebound after that disaster.

[E.M.] over [lincoln.MinuteMen.]
Victory is not sweet when the other team quits after 15 minutes but what can you do when there leader has left his troops to play Counter Strike.
I hope LMM can reform and stay in the league! but get it together guys, i gave you extra time to get your guys and you still failed too find a ringer or get your leader to come back and play!!! pretty sad the first week your in this happens as the leader of a new clan i don't know wtf happened to your prioritys get it togeather and hope to see you guys again for a real match

TF! over >:()
We are 16, going on 17.

We are bot.

¡Toxic! over .3e
Last game for us for now.

gg Dan, always fun.

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