Match Results

Sun, March 21, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
|AP| vs (PL)
|AP| over (PL) (4960 - 730)
Title Shot:
{SyN} vs [E.M.]
{SyN} over [E.M.] (3270 - 1220)
|HGN| vs the.
the. over |HGN| (4950 - 750)
.3e vs TF!
TF! over .3e (FORFEIT)
>:() vs .td
.td over >:() (2030 - 1340)

|AP| over (PL)
no comment

{SyN} over [E.M.]
GG [E.M]. Even with Blueberry getting 20 fps we managed to win by a handful. Vato secured the game in the 2nd round by providing huge kills. Nice suprise game there too T34.

the. over |HGN|
the. Heroic Elite had a great match against our friends at HGN. The map-- bg_kettlecreek_bgl-- debuted tonight for official BGL play.

The map did not disappoint! Backtracking and situational awareness were the buzzwords of the night. When applying pressure to the bridge (central flag), your flanks will remain in a precarious state. Only a delicate balancing act can keep both flags under friendly control!

HGN lost a player halfway through round 2 but chose not to replace him or use a ringer.

gg HGN, good luck next week!


Aces: the. TIEdup14, the. Circa, the. Crusers

TF! over .3e
3e couldnt field the required players of 4.

.td over >:()
Great Game Guys! First round was a bit of a stalemate at first, but luckily we managed to bring in the A game, and second round we drove the last nail in the coffin with two full caps! I must admit that I did not expect how well GF played, but we managed to overcome. Had fun and great game!

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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