Match Results

Sun, March 28, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
{SyN} vs |AP|
|AP| over {SyN} (7164 - 2713)
Title Shot:
the. vs TF!
the. over TF! (FORFEIT)
>:() vs [lincoln.MinuteMen.]
>:() over [lincoln.MinuteMen.] (FORFEIT)
[E.M.] vs .td
.td over [E.M.] (3803 - 3525)
(PL) vs .3e
(PL) over .3e (7510 - 1665)
|HGN| vs [OWN]
[OWN] over |HGN| (5056 - 3668)

|AP| over {SyN}
Aces. Hamburglar, Knives, Xman, Agent, Bobmer


the. over TF!
TF's lack of professionalism is reflected by the above scores.


>:() over [lincoln.MinuteMen.]
LMM did not show up or contact us.

.td over [E.M.]
NO WAY!!!! .td Comes back from the grave! One hell of a close game though, I still can't believe it myself, but EM put up one hell of a fight. Great Game Guys, and keep it up!

(PL) over .3e
This match is dedicated to Big Bird and EM, as they have struggled so in the past weeks...champions all of them.!


Good game with 3e they didn't have their best team I hear and the scores reflect that. They also played a man down which is noble of them and they fought hard.

Each and every week I could not be more thankful to all the honorable men that fill my rosters. Thank you all so much PL! Shit you guys rock....

For their great match performance I would like to thank Ryan, Heaven, Count, Northern, and Leatherstocking...also meatballz, and dinoysus for being on such close standby.

BONER PARADE...think about it, get that image in your head...

And this is for some of you out sure at least one person will get a kick outa it.

[OWN] over |HGN|
gg HN can't wait till the next tme we play

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs Be Blue !
bg kettlecreek_bgl
La.Familia ' over Be Blue ! (3430 - 2130)
Title Shot:
{22nd} vs |AP|
bg kettlecreek_bgl
{22nd} over |AP| (1240 - 620)
*TEHO* vs 15th Reg
bg kettlecreek_bgl
*TEHO* over 15th Reg (4870 - 4810)
.:ec:. vs .eu
bg kettlecreek_bgl
.eu over .:ec:. (5080 - 1470)

La.Familia ' over Be Blue !

{22nd} over |AP|
|AP| left after the first round

*TEHO* over 15th Reg
close match.


.eu over .:ec:.
First game for both of these teams and it was a good one.

I want to thank all my buddies in the. for showing up and making me feel special as the only Euro on the team and .:ec:. for being honourable opponents. Good luck to you guys in the future.

Our first win is dedicated to Stekke, hope you get well soon.

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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