Match Results

Sun, April 11, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
|AP| vs the.
|AP| over the. (3380 - 3210)
Title Shot:
[OWN] vs (PL)
[OWN] over (PL) (3090 - 2350)
>:() vs .td
.td over >:() (3230 - 2686)
[E.M.] vs .3e
[E.M.] over .3e (4180 - 2253)
|HGN| vs {SyN}
{SyN} over |HGN| (2070 - 1960)

|AP| over the.

[OWN] over (PL)
good game PL as always can't wait to play you guys again as far as OWN once we come together as a team we will be very good gg both teams

.td over >:()
Good Job Everyone!!! Had a great game, but we had to restart the second round due to someone impersonating [SS] members, and team killing. The blame of that doesn't fall on anyone, and hopefully that doesn't cause any tension between clans. Overall that was a fun game, and we had a great time playing ya'll again.

[E.M.] over .3e
Phase one complete in my attempt to gain a title!!! thank you to strike, sauce, ali g and ssssssssssssssssniperem

good game 3e!!!!!

{SyN} over |HGN|
GG HGN, it got a little bit too close at the end but we managed to hold on :P

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs {22nd}
bg kettlecreek_bgl
La.Familia ' over {22nd} (5630 - 1329)
Title Shot:
.eu vs *TEHO*
bg kettlecreek_bgl
.eu over *TEHO* (2660 - 1580)
Be Blue ! vs |AP|
bg kettlecreek_bgl
Be Blue ! over |AP| (3130 - 1350)
.:ec:. vs 15th Reg
bg kettlecreek_bgl
15th Reg over .:ec:. (2090 - 1030)

La.Familia ' over {22nd}

.eu over *TEHO*
gg, thanks to everyone who showed up.

Be Blue ! over |AP|
Good game!
AP surprised us with a fullcap early in the first round, but after that we quickly built a strong lead which we had no problem defending in the end.

GL HF in your next game, AP!

Hugs, love and cookies...
- Dallan ze DillyDally Ghost

15th Reg over .:ec:.
gg to .:ec:. or shall i say S.S. ;-) and congrats to 15th Reg for their first official bgl win! keep it up! Mac.

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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