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Sun, April 18, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
[OWN] vs |AP|
|AP| over [OWN] (2700 - 2614)
Title Shot:
{SyN} vs .td
.td over {SyN} (4466 - 1870)
the. vs [E.M.]
the. over [E.M.] (3200 - 3060)
|HGN| vs (PL)
(PL) over |HGN| (3396 - 3112)
>:() vs .3e
.3e over >:() (4528 - 1234)

|AP| over [OWN]
For the first time ever |AP| squared off against the toughest BGL opponent there is... itself!

|AP| team faced the OWN in BGL competition tonight on bg_snowlake. Neither side held anything back, with OWN trying their hardest to earn their first victory and upstage their "older brother" team. :D

In the end, |AP| prevailed but not without having to fight tooth and nail for the win. OWN put up a great fight and we're all excited to see how they fare in competition next week!

Since the day of its inception, a friendly rivalry has existed between |AP| and OWN team. Tonight was the first time both teams faced off against each other in our most challenging BGL match to date!

In a take-no-prisoners slugfest, OWN and |AP| squared off for the right to play in the BGL championship. The action was unrelenting from the start, with the first half devolving into a sick tug of war for control of the hill flag. The difference in score at the round's end was only 600 points!

Round 2 picked up right where we left off, with both teams giving it everything they had. OWN kicked it up a notch and was able to obtain a full cap early in the round. |AP| tried to regroup but was unable to break through their solid defense.

Eventually fatigue set in and |AP| was able to push for a few full caps to solidify the win. At no point did OWN put on the brakes, they were playing as hard as they could the whole time and we didnt have a moment to rest!

Once again, great game to the members of OWN and thanks for proving that the best competition we can have is definitely within our own clan!

aces... everyone.

.td over {SyN}
UM WAAAATTTT!!! Great Game Everybody, and It was fun. I knew deep down that we would win the Title Shot and be heading to the Title Match!!! Next week is dedicated to all the people that bet on us losing, and us pushing through with as much brute force we can muster and break the odds!! Peace out y'all!

the. over [E.M.]
the. Heroic Elite fended off a full out assault from SS [EM]. Reinvigorated with the remnants of toxic, EM was eager to turn things around and advance toward the BGL title.

With a majority of their starting five consisting of ex-toxic members, EM launched a strong feu d'enfer against our team's BGL ranking.

We were largely able to take control of the first round, but by round two our team had tired and EM's resolve only grew stronger. My old friend toxic. sauce was able to make an appearance at this point as well.

Thankfully, we were able to stand our ground and withstand the attack long enough to hold on to our lead and win the day.

I have no doubt that EM will be headed for a BGL championship one day-- but the road there wont go through the. Heroic Elite! ;)

gg -- TIE

(PL) over |HGN|

^2.: you guys a FUDGER lovers and I would like to FUDGE your brains out with my handy WATER GUN. Have a good night FEMALE DOGS!

Do gingers have souls?

[S.S.] Serious Parade: omg..... They have no sould you only cling to this b/c you for some sick reson love hoes with cherry koolaid hurr. You can not validate this. Terrible person...

Rocky start HGN, but always a close match. It was excellent and wonderful to play with gentlemen such as yourselves.

Thank you kindly...
Ryan, Boner, Count, Heaven

.3e over >:()
well tonight, 3e sqaured off against gameface. gameface couldnt aquire a 5th so we played 4v4.we had a great time and hope to play gameface again sometime. good game.

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs .eu
La.Familia ' over .eu (6275 - 2685)
Title Shot:
Be Blue ! vs 15th Reg
Be Blue ! over 15th Reg (7225 - 1910)
{22nd} vs .:ec:.
{22nd} over .:ec:. (3515 - 2725)
|AP| vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over |AP| (4295 - 3550)

La.Familia ' over .eu

Be Blue ! over 15th Reg

first round 15th got rolled by the fullcap-train
second round they played better and came very close to a fullcap of themselves,
but ran out of gas on the final moment.

well done everyone


{22nd} over .:ec:.
Nice game

*TEHO* over |AP|
gg first half 5on5 second half 4on4.

nothing special to say.

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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