Match Results

Sun, April 25, 2010

European Division
Title Match:
La.Familia ' vs Be Blue !
Be Blue ! over La.Familia ' (3958 - 3210)
Title Shot:
{22nd} vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over {22nd} (3630 - 2520)
15th Reg vs 95th-{Rifles}-
15th Reg over 95th-{Rifles}- (5010 - 460)
|AP| vs .:ec:.
.:ec:. over |AP| (3835 - 2840)

Be Blue ! over La.Familia '
Well, we're at the dawn of yet another update to BG (3.0) and have played the final match on what will be the severely missed 2 1.5a.

And what opposition better to face than our formidable foes, La.Familia. And what result more appropriate - just as Be Blue entered BG 2 with a win, we have left with a win.

Well...about the war - both teams played great as usual, with some really nice melee fights and having enough stamina to keep on fighting.

The Blue's got about 5 full caps in the first round, with LaF taking about 2. In the second round no full caps were taken by either team.


*TEHO* over {22nd}

alot of crashing from enemy team.

mostly 4on4 but sometimes 5on5.

(BG2 2.0)

15th Reg over 95th-{Rifles}-

but the enemy team also experianced alot of crashes. maybe it was the TRR server which was setup new, or maybe the cfg not going along well with the 2.0 version.

it was difficult to get starte, with 95th Rifles having trouble to find players. after a long time we finally agreed on townguard, sometimes played 5vs5 and then 4vs4, since they had players joining and leaving.

we only played 1 round, since they couldn't get together 4 players to start the second.

95th Rifles, pls do get to know the bgl rules, and get familiar with the bgl tournament and how it works. also start addding players to your roster.

.:ec:. over |AP|
Great Game

(BG2 2.0)

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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