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Sun, May 9, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
|AP| vs the.
the. over |AP| (2200 - 1324)
Title Shot:
|HGN| vs [OWN]
|HGN| over [OWN] (2476 - 670)
[E.M.] vs -Bro Clan-
-Bro Clan- over [E.M.] (8000 - 1190)
-IyM- vs .3e
.3e over -IyM- (1988 - 1820)
[S.S.] vs [OBCD]
[OBCD] over [S.S.] (3560 - 1290)
>:() vs (PL)
(PL) over >:() (3246 - 620)

the. over |AP|
Words cannot describe how much we deserve this title.

|HGN| over [OWN]
GG [OWN] Fun game, we looking forward to our next match!

-Bro Clan- over [E.M.]
So we decided to be nice guys and wait 25 minutes for them to get 4 guys, and decided to let them even use ringers. Eventually, got 4 guys and we played a round on plateau 5v4. We toasted them, and at the half time, they found a 5th, and they asked us if we could restart it 5v5. We, patiently waited for them to get their 5th in the server, and then restarted the match. We beat them thoroughly AGAIN in the first round of the match. When we switched sides, however, they decided they wanted to be a bunch of lame asses, screw around, and eventually rage quit with 11 minutes left in the second half (all but one). Despite us putting up with all of their baggage and crap, they rewarded us by being sore losers and being generally unsportsmanlike. Clearly, it was a less than perfect introduction to the league. Its not a big surprise this community constantly fights to stay afloat.
Townguard after we decided that plateau is crap.

.3e over -IyM-
GG to both teams , iym brought the ruckus and it came down to one cap for the win, once again gg guys, great fun playin.

[OBCD] over [S.S.]

(PL) over >:()
Fantastic game and a very fun new map! Gameface fought like damn champions and I fully respect their effort and devotion to this game of ours.

Thank you PL
Boner, Heaven, Count...

Get ready for the Blast Off!
And don't forget the Hype!
We're going into space.

Distinguished scientists
A pesky senator
And monkey turds leaking from the lab
All brought to us
play-by-play by Howard

You're going where no man has gone before
Because we owe you some favors
And besides you're bright
A little too bright

Step one:
Senator, your vomit,
It's time to analyze it
For the folks back home

Open the hatch, launch the war satellite
That the commies aren't
supposed to know about
Our real challenge is to keep it a secret
From the press back home

You're going where no man has gone before
Don't ask us where that
is-we have no idea

You're chosen for this great mission
Because you're hearty and strong
And make a lot of fuss
Especially around us
We like you better when you're far away

Have you noticed?
You're gong the wrong direction
We have,
But that's your problem
We planned it that way
We had to dispose of all of you so
We can spoil the final frontier
How dare you question our Star Wars plans
For the farce that they are?

You're going where no man has gone before
For rocking the boat
In our temple of doom

You're on a one-way ticket to Pluto
We wash our hands
Of you and your lost Ark
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European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs 15th Reg
Be Blue ! over 15th Reg (4200 - 1442)
Title Shot:
La.Familia ' vs -[TRR]-
La.Familia ' over -[TRR]- (3670 - 1740)
{22nd} vs |AP|
{22nd} over |AP| (FORFEIT)
.:ec:. vs *TEHO*
*TEHO* over .:ec:. (3682 - 822)

Be Blue ! over 15th Reg
Never, in 4 years of me being in this clan, have I witnessed such a prepubescent display from a Be Blue member.

Despite the score, this match was terrible.

Can't even be bothered to write anything.

gg 15th.


La.Familia ' over -[TRR]-

{22nd} over |AP|
Ap forfeits, not enough members online to play.

*TEHO* over .:ec:.

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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