Match Results

Sun, May 16, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
the. vs |HGN|
the. over |HGN| (3734 - 948)
Title Shot:
-Bro Clan- vs .3e
-Bro Clan- over .3e (5730 - 1300)
{SyN} vs [S.S.]
[S.S.] over {SyN} (FORFEIT)
|AP| vs >:()
|AP| over >:() (4040 - 1530)
[OWN] vs -IyM-
-IyM- over [OWN] (4008 - 962)
(PL) vs [OBCD]
[OBCD] over (PL) (2870 - 2450)

the. over |HGN|
Great game vs our friends at HGN. Hypnotiki gave us a very tough time!

gg, and good luck next week.


-Bro Clan- over .3e

[S.S.] over {SyN}
We tried to wait but it didn't work out. I hate to hear Syn might go away hope they stick around!!

|AP| over >:()
Rules R Rules....

Follow what you make.....

-IyM- over [OWN]
good game first round...on round 2 we pretty much owned them rather hard to the point it was boring but none the less fun game

[OBCD] over (PL)
too fat to live... too obese to die


European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs La.Familia '
Be Blue ! over La.Familia ' (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
{22nd} vs *TEHO*
{22nd} over *TEHO* (FORFEIT)
95th-{Rifles}- vs .:ec:.
.:ec:. over 95th-{Rifles}- (FORFEIT)
-[TRR]- vs 15th Reg
-[TRR]- over 15th Reg (2780 - 2130)

Be Blue ! over La.Familia '
La.Familia informed us they forfeitted this match due to a lack of players.
So this week we'll replace the normal write-up with a farewell message.

It's been a good run, played this game since 2004 and had alot of fun doing so, but as we all know - all good things must come to an end.
Unfortunately, it's no longer even a 'good thing'... barely mediocre in my opinion.
I'm talking of course about the direction the BG development has taken, which mainly seems to be a focus on historical accuracy and pleasing the linebattling community - entirely giving up on the one thing this mod did well: gameplay.

This mod never attracted players due to it's fancy graphics or historical value, but because it was FUN... it consisted mainly of clanplayers who'd stick around and play that one match every Sunday, just having a little bit of fun at the end of the week.
However, since this mod is in no way exciting, enjoyable or even enough to keep my eyes open anymore, I now say farewell to all of you that I've played with throughout the years and wish you the best of luck!

Signing off,
- Dallan

{22nd} over *TEHO*
Teho coulden't get enough players, so they had to forfeit.

.:ec:. over 95th-{Rifles}-
The .:ec:. team comprised of Twix, EmperorOfFailure, KingBrown, Ali G and Danihel.

BB tried to contact the leadership of the clan but no-one was available.

We waited for 20 minutes but no-one from the 95th-{Rifles}- Showed up.


-[TRR]- over 15th Reg
First half:

Very intense battling where the 15th had the upper hand, but TRR got in a full cap which ended the first half.

Second half:

Also very intense fighting the first few min until Jupa turned on some music which gave the TRR some new energy which landed us 2 full caps and gave TRR dominance over the last min of the round.

Other info. Plexi crashed once, and 15th sent one guy to spectator for 1-2 min.

Very GG, and I am looking forward for our next match.

-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC

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Blue Brigade

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