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Sun, May 23, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
-Bro Clan- vs the.
-Bro Clan- over the. (5064 - 3688)
Title Shot:
[OBCD] vs |AP|
[OBCD] over |AP| (5084 - 3390)
-IyM- vs [S.S.]
-IyM- over [S.S.] (6104 - 1668)
(PL) vs [OWN]
[OWN] over (PL) (4132 - 3830)
|HGN| vs .3e
|HGN| over .3e (6614 - 3136)
>:() vs [E.M.]
[E.M.] over >:() (5745 - 3364)

-Bro Clan- over the.
OI! WE WERE DUH BRITS first round. Dilly, Pall, upTIED41, Hemoglobin, and pussydoodles were all in the front lines, 2 at heights and 3 at field. We were dying left and right, up and down, side to the ways. Luckily we had tea and grits and some harry potter books to keep our morality up. Thus we lost the first round by 18 points.
2nd round was our time to shine, we had Sir Dilly the Brave, Lord Pall the wall, Prince upTIED41 the TIEDup14, King Hemoglobin the sprayer, and Queen Pussydoodles the slayer. What can I say?... I can't even think of a story anymore, it was like playing chess with a drunken 3D member. gg.

Words cannot describe how much we deserve this title.

[OBCD] over |AP|
Good game AP, well fought. Its a bummer that you didn't have knives and prodigy, but we all have our bad weeks, I've definitely had mine, it was called 3e.

Also, check out this sick video on how to pick up women:

-IyM- over [S.S.]
gg SS as always i can't wait till we play again :P

V.I.P's DJ and SPEED!!!!

[OWN] over (PL)
Wolfpack? Get your hands off my stick.

Tell 'em I'm dangerous. Word, I like it.

|HGN| over .3e
Great game with the boys from 3e tonight !! Tyrone was a deadly shot, did he have a scope on that rifle ? Lot of fun all around.

[E.M.] over >:()
I dedicate this match to my brother in arms Chronic Bud, we miss you man hurry back. Both teams fought valiantly but EM had it under control, chronic's boys gave us a hell of a time but stike and weeking where back today , need i say more!!! Heil WeakingWiller Strike Bio[!]War and Risen for the win!!!

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs {22nd}
Be Blue ! over {22nd} (3410 - 1940)
Title Shot:
.:ec:. vs -[TRR]-
-[TRR]- over .:ec:. (2450 - 1940)
15th Reg vs |Alpina|
|Alpina| over 15th Reg (4270 - 1910)

Be Blue ! over {22nd}
Who needs rage-quitting Swedish hobbits?


-[TRR]- over .:ec:.
Very intense battle during the first half where EC had the upper hand. During the second half TRR scored a full cap and won the match.

-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC

|Alpina| over 15th Reg
As the match started, 2 15ths crashed, so we restarted. After 8 minutes 3 out of 5 15th players were constantly crashing so we switched server.

Round 1 was very exciting with scores being equal until the last 5 minutes, where Alpina pulled off a fullcap.

Round 2 was less interesting, Alpina had the advantage being the american team.

Gg, you gave us hell.

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Blue Brigade

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