Match Results

Sun, June 6, 2010

North American Division
Title Match:
-Bro Clan- vs -IyM-
-Bro Clan- over -IyM- (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
the. vs [E.M.]
the. over [E.M.] (3510 - 2070)
|AP| vs .3e
|AP| over .3e (3590 - 2060)
[OWN] vs [OBCD]
[OBCD] over [OWN] (3220 - 2400)
[S.S.] vs |HGN|
|HGN| over [S.S.] (3990 - 1770)

-Bro Clan- over -IyM-
i can only be nice for so long, 40 minutes is pushing it. someone teach demon how to enable firearms too, thanks.

the. over [E.M.]
the. Heroic Elite faced off against our old friends SS:EM. They were unable to field a full team so we allowed them to use Tribal as a ringer.

The game was definitely back and forth and a lot of fun! We look forward to the next time we get to play you guys here.

This win is dedicated to the.fang, who will be leaving us temporarily to roam the French countryside-- in a detached and existential manner, we hope!

|AP| over .3e
To my good friend and partner in the BGT, Crymore. GG.

A song of dedication to our BGT team |E|&I.

As for the game. GG 3e. A great group of guys. Id be honored to fight by your side anyday.

First match in 4 weeks AP starting team was all present. Thank you Knives, Xman49, Bobmer, Prodigy, and myself Agent for wrecking.

For my required AP post.

Also I hear cookie in my vent as I type. And for you,

[OBCD] over [OWN]
This is pretty much how the match went:

|HGN| over [S.S.]
too bad for all the server crashes but we finaly got through it.

THX SS for a fun match hope to fight you again soon.

European Division
Title Match:
Be Blue ! vs |Alpina|
Be Blue ! over |Alpina| (5162 - 3299)
Title Shot:
{22nd} vs *TEHO*
{22nd} over *TEHO* (4359 - 4351)
.:ec:. vs -[TRR]-
-[TRR]- over .:ec:. (8925 - 1371)

Be Blue ! over |Alpina|
gg Alpino

very tense first round, Alpina fought hard for them flags and even managed to hold an early lead for awhile.

In the 2nd round the fatigued soldiers of Colonel Spartacus weren't able to mount a succesful counter-attack
to the destructive assaults from the Blue Brigade and the tactical superiority of Field Marshall McBubbles


PS: during this game neither team used annoying commanders/mohawks or that pbclass, +1 for that!

{22nd} over *TEHO*
Loads of fullcaps of both teams when playing british.
Very exciting match I must say. Not often you see a difference by 8 points.


-[TRR]- over .:ec:.
Round 1:

TRR were dominating the entire time, enemy team giving up and starting to TK each other.

Round :

We played 4on4 because EC lost a member. TRR dominted the entire round so much that the enemy also gave up and started to TK each other.

-[TRR]- Cpt. MPC

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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