Offical Rules v5.2

I. Introduction

These are the rules for the BGL. They are designed to ensure everyone has fun. They are hopefully specific enough to cover every issue that may come up, however in instances where the rules cannot give a solution to the problem, the final say is in the hands of the BGL admins. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates on this page. These rules may be updated or changed to reflect the consensus of the BGL admins on rulings that may occur in the future. Make sure you check this page often. The BGL uses the latest version of BattleGrounds 2 available and Steam for all matches.

Any match setting can be changed, as long as both clans agree to it beforehand. If clans cannot agree on a change, default rules and settings are used. Make sure to talk to a BGL admin if you plan on modifing match settings with another clan. If a problem comes up, an admin can deal with it if s/he knows what is going on.

All Ringer rules (described in later sections) do not apply to clans that just joined BGL in their first week of play. This means they may use ringers as they are still updating their roster, but they may not use any player on another active clan's BGL roster. For a clan's second week in the BGL, all Ringer rules are strictly enforced, just like all other clans.

II. Scheduling

BGL is a world league, therefore the league is split into two divisions: North American and European. Latency and time difference provides too much of an obstacle at the current time, so divisions play separate of each other at different times. Please refer to the Schedule page for match dates and times.

If it seems as if your clan will not have enough members to play in an upcoming week, talk to a BGL admin and request a Bye week before the next schedule is made. That way everyone will be prepared. The night before the match is not a good time to inform everyone your clan won't be able to play!

If your match needs to be rescheduled, make sure you reschedule it for a day BEFORE Sunday. The league will NOT wait for you to complete your matches.


Clans are scheduled based on the following factors:

  • Current win/loss streak.
  • Current rank.
  • Previous opponents We will try our best not to schedule the same clans against each other all the time.
  • Title and Title Shot matches are based on current winning streaks, and prior title shots.

III. Match Play

Pre Match
Clans have 15 minutes after the default time, or the mutually agreed to time, to join the server. Failure to comply will cost that clan a forfeit. Under extraordinary circumstances, such as connection problems for a majority of members, the BGL may allow an exception. All clans are expected to be ready to play at the default time.

Clans MUST send 1 representative, 15 minutes before match time, wearing your clan tag on his/her name, to #bgl on GameSurge or QuakeNet to avoid disagreements and potential problems. Failure to have a representative in #bgl should a problem arise will result in a warning from the BGL Admins. Should this policy be violated a second time, you will be removed from the league. Clans are encouraged to contact their opponent a couple days before the match to discuss servers, passwords and other settings. Waiting until the last minute is not advisable to have a smooth evening with your match.

Starting the Match:
This is very important. First of all, you must have the bgl.cfg file running on the game server. The current version of this file for your division can be found on the Files page.

Before the match starts, players may exchange good luck's and friendly conversation, but once the match starts, public talk is not allowed except for the clan leaders only when necessary. This doesn't give the leader the ability to spam text on public talk to trash talk the other team. Only use it if there is a serious issue that has come up and the match may need to be restarted. Remember, trash talking the other team ANYTIME during a match or pre-match is not allowed and could cost your team the match. Leaving your respawn area to capture flags or kill the other team is also not allowed.

The length of each round in BGL matches is 20 minutes. Because BG2's current matchplay features are slim, it takes a bit of effort to correctly start a match. The bgl.cfg file sets the timelimit to 22 minutes. This means that after restarting the map, the server adminstrator has to exec the bgl.cfg file again after 1 minute and 50 seconds pass. The bgl.cfg will then restart the round in 10 seconds- Thus the total match play time will be 20 minutes.

In order to ensure you exec the bgl.cfg 1 minute and 50 seconds after the map change, the administrator should run the command "rcon mp_timeleft" in the console to see exactly much time is left. When there is 20 minutes and 10 seconds remaining (1210 seconds), the admin should run "rcon exec bgl.cfg".

Matches consist of two rounds. Each team plays on British one round and American one round.

The final score of the match is the sum of both round's team points. In the event of a tie, two additional rounds will be played, but with the timelimit set to half the normal amount.

All players are required to record demos. If a dispute comes up and you are unable to show demos for the match, your clan may forfeit the match and that player will be suspended from play in the BGL.

Only leaders and BGL admins are allowed to use messagemode1 (mm1 aka public talk) during a match. Excessive mm1 spamming may result in a disqualification. Proof in the form of a server log, or a demo, must be provided to an BGL official.

All players are required to wear their clan tag as well as their alias for the match.

If a server crashes unintentionally, the round must be restarted. If the server is no longer able to be played on, then the round will be played on the other clan's server.

The Visiting clan chooses which team to play as first. The visiting clan is the second clan listed on the schedule and usually the lower-ranked clan(ie Home vs Away). For the next round, the clans switch sides. Under no circumstances will a clan play as the same team (Birtish/American) for both rounds.

Forfeits: If a clan shows up with less than 75% of the required members for a match, they have 15 minutes to get the minimum number of players before they forfeit the match. If only one clan is present at an agreed-upon match time or on the default night at match time, it will also be considered a forfeit for the clan that is not present.

Spectators: Spectators are not allowed in BGL matches unless both clans agree to it. Of course if an admin needs to spectate in order to start a match, that is allowed, but once the match starts, the admin should drop from the server.

Post Match
After the first round is completed, clans should take a 5-10 min break and head back to IRC. Clan leaders should meet in #bgl if needed, to get server info and other settings.

After the match is done, the winning clan must submit their scores on the BGL website. All results must be turned in at the latest noon the day after the match.

If there were any problems, taking screenshots, demos, and/or providing console logs will help the BGL arbitrate the matter in a fair and prompt manner.

IV. Server and Settings

Each clan will have a choice of their own server for each round. The Home clan's server will be used for Round1, the Visitor's for Round2. In the event of an Overtime, the server will be chosen by the Home clan. Home and Visiting clans are based on Rankings. The Home clan is the higher ranked clan.

All servers must have the correct map version (if it's a custom map). The correct version is the version that is located on the files page of BGL.

Servers must have logging on. In the event of a dispute, clans are required to submit server logs to BGL admins.

Use of the BGL server configuration file is mandatory. All BGL Config Settings can be changed if both clans agree to the changes. Any settings NOT covered in the config should be set to the half-life server defaults unless both clans agree to change the settings. If any of the settings are not correct, the opposing clan may refuse to play the round on that server. Failure to correct the problem(s) within 15 minutes of the start of the round will result in a disqualification for the transgressing clan. In the event of a dispute, the BGL has final authority. If the match has been played, no dispute based on server settings or conditions will be considered unless the server settings are changed after the beginning of the round. It is the visiting clan's responsibility to make sure that the server they are playing on is correctly configured.

If server settings are found to have changed from the BGL settings after the start of the round, the clan that changed the setting will forfeit that round.

Every match server must have VAC enabled. No exceptions.

All classes in BG2 are limited to one, with the exception of the Infantry/Soldier classes, which have no limit.

The use of Adminmod or any other server side add-on should ONLY be used to change maps and exec the cfg file. Adminmod should not kick anyone or restrict useage of anything that is legal for play in BGL. Use of Adminmod during the match other than the functionality described above will result in disqualification.

Players participating in BGL matches must be unbanned from the match server before matches. If they are legal BGL players on a team's roster, they must be allowed to play on the match server. After the match, server admins may ban the player again, but match servers must not ban any legal BGL players during match time. If clans refuse to unban players for matches, that server may not be used for matches. Again, server admins may feel free to ban anyone they want, but when match time comes around, you must allow players to play. Personal vendettas, clan flamewars, and questionable player conduct are irrelevant in this matter.

Please note: Servers must be able to reasonably handle the bandwidth and CPU load of a full 14 player game. BGL has the final say as to what is and what is not reasonable. If there are numerous complaints about your server, you may be asked to find a new BGL match server.

The Location of the server must be in the region in which the division resides. North American matches must be played on North American servers. European matches must be played on European servers. Of course this can be changed if both clans agree, but if other clans wish to play in a foreign division, they are expected to make sacrifices so they do not unjustly inconvenience other clans in the division.

If the Server gives an unreasonable ping advantage to one clan over the other, the match should be played on another server where the pings are more even, if possible. This should be determined before the match starts, not during (or after). Complaints after or during the match will be ignored by admins. Please determine if the server is acceptable before the match starts. League admins will have the final say on whether or not a server gives an unfair ping advantage to a clan. In the event that each clan's server is laggy for the opposing clan, 1 round should be played on each server, as usual. However, if there is only 1 server available to play on, then there is no choice but to use that server, regardless of the ping difference.

Servers must be on at least a T1 connection. Cable servers are not allowed under any circumstances. In rare cases, DSL servers may be allowed.

Servers must be a dedicated server. Listen servers are not allowed.

V. Member Rules

The BGL will not tolerate ringers or multi-clanners.

The BGL definition of a ringer is as follows: Any person playing for a clan they are not currently a member or recruit of. In order to be a member or recruit they must be on that clan's official BGL Roster. If they are not on your BGL roster, they are NOT in your clan!!!

The BGL definition of a multi-clanner is as follows: Any player participating in a BGL clan match with a clan they are currently not on the roster of and are a member of another clan's BGL roster in that division. In other words, a ringer that is also a member of another active BGL clan in the same division.

Punishment for the first offense will be forfeiture of all matches during the timeline in which the ringer/multi-clanners played and a 2 week suspension for the BGL. Second offense may result in expulsion from the BGL league. The multi-clanner may be banned from the league permanently. The BGL admins may make exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis.

Each clan must keep an "official" up to date roster on the BGL website. New members must be added to the roster during the time rosters are open for change. Roster changes are NOT allowed 24 hours before and after BGL matches. Every other time roster changes are legal. Each player must be added using their real alias on the clan's roster page. No exceptions. 

If a player is not on the Official BGL Roster, that player cannot play in the match.

VI. Behavior and Punishment

Any behavior including nuking, IRC channel takeovers, spamming, server crashing or any form of cheating is prohibited in BGL. BGL administrators will have final say on punishment.

If you feel cheating may have occurred, notify a BGL official and proper punishment will be decided on. Make sure to have proof. Proof can include Screenshots, demos and/or a server log. Any type of client-side hook that allows any cheating including wallhacking, autoaim, or any other hack is not allowed. Using modified player models are not allowed. Anything thats gives a significant unfair advantage over other players is not allowed in the BGL. Modified world sprites are not allowed in the BGL. This includes any trees/bushes/explosions. Modifying the HUD/Crosshairs is allowed. BGL Admins have the final say in what is and what is not allowed. If unsure, talk to a BGL admin.

Bugs and Exploits:
Bugs and Exploits are not allowed in BGL. These are classified as actions that go outside of the intended featureset of the mapper or game developers. This includes, but is not limited to, running up the inclined sides of maps (Wall Running), door blocking, weapon drop, etc. The BGL Admins have final say in what is and what is not exploiting. Use your head. If you are unsure, ask an Admin. In the event that you are suspected of using any of these exploits, you will be required to submit a personal demo of the match. Make sure you record demos!

Proper Conduct:
Nuking, channel takeovers, spamming, crashing a match server, or any other form of D.o.S. attack will not be tolerated. If a clan continues to be the cause of problems, they will be removed from BGL. Adequate proof in the form of screenshots, demos, and server logs must be provided to the BGL before a ruling is made.

Forfeits effect both records and rankings. We have ZERO tolerance for forfeiting. Any clan that forfeits will be removed from the league. By joining BGL your clan is expected to play in matches. If your team will be unable to play a certain week, make sure you notify the admins as soon as possible. Preferably at least 4-5 days in advance. If your clan forfeits 2 matches in a row, your clan will be removed from the league. If your clan forfeits your first match in the BGL, this shows an extreme lack of commitment and your clan will be removed from the league. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

BGL uses a Three Strike policy. Punishment will be handed out on a case by case basis. For major offenses, removal from the league may be in order. For forfeiting, being disqualified, or breaking any of the rules described above, your clan will receive a strike. Depending on the type of offense, your clan may be suspended from the league for a period of time. If your clan receives 3 strikes, your clan will be removed from the league.

Strike Removal:
If a clan successfully plays 15 matches (non-forfeit losses) after their last strike, one of their strikes will be removed. If a clan happens to have 2 strikes, they may have both removed after 25 matches (one after the first 15 and one after the 10 following that).

Non-League Time Behavior:

The BGL is very concerned about the preserving the very highest standards of matchplay and sportsmanship. Any player caught hacking in any game, in or out of a match is considered a cheater and is not welcome in the BGL. This means any player hacking on a public server, hacking during a private clan practice, banned from another non-BG league, or hacking in a different game entirely is automatically banned from the BGL. Cheaters are not welcome in the BGL.

VII. Featured Maps

The maps that were bundled with BG will be used, along with custom maps. Any custom maps used by the BGL will be available on the Files page. Suggestions for the addition of new maps to be included in match play should be directed to BGL admins.

Maps are used in a 2-week rotation. Every map is played for 2 weeks. This encourages competition as the first week teams get to see how strategies work and how other team's strategies work, which makes week 2 of a map much more exciting.

VIII. Conclusion

BGL Admins have final say in the interpretation of these rules and final say in any dispute. The BGL Head Admin may override the decision of Division Admins. All clans must abide by these rules to play in the BGL. Ignorance is not an excuse.

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